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Project info

  • Client:Various
  • Date:1995-2018
  • Skills:

    Responsive Email
    Email Inliner
    ZURB Ink
    Responsive Email Designer
    Cross-Device Testing
    Email on Acid
    Hand Coding
    Custom Email Software
    List Management
    FPL Feedback Loops
    Mailing List Management
    CANSPAM Compliance
    Double Opt-In
    Mailing List Hygiene
    FBL Monitoring
    Constant Contact
    Google Translate

Responsive Email Design and Mailing List Management

vitalnet has designed, coded and blasted out thousands of email campaigns (totaling hundreds of millions of emails sent) for dozens of clients. Our mass email marketing has directly generated tens of millions of dollars in sales and donations for our clients. Email marketing via properly managed opt-in mailing lists continues to be one of the most cost-effective and engaging marketing channels.

Email marketing has evolved. Today, the majority of emails are initially viewed on mobile devices, primarily smartphones. By 2016, over 50% of emails started being viewed solely on mobile devices. This change in user behavior has required adapting email campaigns to a mobile-first methodology.

Responsive email design is difficult. Many email clients, including the wide variety of Outlooks, have problems displaying standard email much less modern, HTML and CSS based responsive emails. There is less design freedom since complex code can cause the email to 'break' in some clients.

Through years of experience and testing, vitalnet produces responsive email designs that display correctly across the majority of email clients, even if the user has disabled images. We use a variety of custom code, CSS inlining and other techniques to ensure the email may be viewed by every recipient in the best form capable by their device.

Another critical element to effective email marketing is developing engaging content. This process begins with the subject line of the email. Without an effective email subject line, the email open rate will be very low. Once the email is opened, the email must display correctly and include the most important information at the top so that it is immediately visible to the reader. Additionally, a call to action should also be included close to the top of the email.

Maintaining mailing lists is a sometimes overlooked yet essential component to effective email marketing. Spam filtering, email server blacklisting and a host of other problems result from poorly maintained mailing lists. vitalnet has developed custom software and methodologies that maximize email deliverability. Our approach includes following CANSPAM best practices, double opt-in email subscription, email bounce monitoring, FBL monitoring to immediately remove addresses when users report email as unsolicited at major ESPs and handling change of address requests promptly.

Our decades of experience in mass email marketing has provided innumerable insights into target demographic behavior that enables us to develop and send responsive emails that drive engagement and deliver results. Our mailing list hygiene process maximizes deliverability to ensure client email campaigns arrive in the recipient's inbox, not their bulk mail or spam folders.