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Project info

  • Client:ISASS
  • Date:2013-2018
  • Link: iOS Download
  • Link: Web App Demo
  • Skills:

    Mobile App
    Front-End Coding
    Back-End Web Development
    iOS App
    Web App
    Apache Cordova
    iTunes App Store
    Google Play
    PCI Compliance
    Payment Gateway
    Server Optimization
    Web Forms
    ADA Compliance
    Google Analytics

Mobile App Development Sample - ISASS

ISASS - The International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery - is a global, scientific and educational society organized to provide an independent venue to discuss and address the issues involved with all aspects of basic and clinical science of spine surgery. ISASS holds an annual conference for spine surgeons, engineers, device manufacturers and related professionals and needed a conference app that acted as an electronic program on their mobile devices.

From 2013 to present, vitalnet has developed the mobile application for use by conference attendees. The mobile app includes a hierarchical presentation of the conference scientific program (including scientific abstracts with all technical citations and images). We developed a "My Program" feature to provide attendees a method to easily track where and when they need to be to present, watch and participate in conference content. Quickly filterable lists for exhibitor booth locations and other information were developed for quick access to the information.

General app features include "Find a Member" with a hierarchical presentation by country (and state for US members) and then quick filtering by name. Information for spine patients was also included that describe spine conditions and methods used to treat them, from massage therapy through spine surgery.

The app also included outbound ties for membership services, including applying for society membership and renewing annual membership, including payment of dues via credit card through a secure payment gateway.

One challenge we faced was developing a mobile app that would work on the widest possible range of mobile devices for an international audience of conference attendees from highly varying demographics. We developed the app using jQuery Mobile which allows the app to operate correctly on much older or obsolete devices and mobile operating system versions: iOS version 3.2 and up, Android version 2.1 and up, Blackberry 6, Windows Phone 7, Palm WebOS 1.4, Meego, Samsung Bada and more.

Contacting the society via email and telephone directly from the mobile device is also facilitated in a custom manner, whether it be dialing out directly if the device is a phone or opening a new email.